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An Post ahead of the pack on the road to net zero

Christina McCann from Green Fridays recently sat down with David McRedmond, CEO of An Post to talk about how An Post has achieved its impressive sustainability transformation. An Post is not only ranked third globally in its sector for sustainability, but also continues to lead the way nationally.


An Post is ahead of the pack with their net zero carbon emissions by 2030 target and David McRedmond confirmed that they are on target to reach this goal.


Key insights from the conversation include:

  • Transition to Electric Vehicles:
    An Post has already made a significant shift by replacing much of its smaller diesel delivery vehicles with electric vehicles.

  • Decarbonizing the Fleet:
    The company is focused on decarbonizing its entire 
    fleet, including its large delivery vehicles, with alternative fuels such as HVOs (hydrotreated vegetable oils) which yield a massive 91.8% reduction in carbon 
    emissions vs diesel vehicles.

  • Clean Energy Sources:
    An Post already uses renewable energy providers for its energy sources and is looking to expand solar on its own buildings.

  • Collaborative Efforts:
    A partnership with Amazon as part of The Climate Pledge 
    highlights An Post’s strategy to enhance sustainability through collaboration, aiming to further reduce carbon footprints through shared practices and 

  • Long-term Commitment:
    An Post has reaffirmed its dedication to 'acting for the 
    common good now and for generations to come.' This commitment is focused on providing decent work and a steadfast dedication to sustainability.

  • Charging Infrastructure:
    David McRedmond underlined the absolute necessity 
    of improvements to the electric vehicle charging network this year, not merely in the long term and indicated An Post’s was willing to take the lead in this infrastructure overhaul.

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