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Green Fridays is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide a guide and resource for people that wish to embark on living a more green lifestyle.
Green Fridays is inspired by the lifetime of work carried out by inspirational individuals such as Greta Thunberg, Sir David Attenborough, Ernestine Leikeki, Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr OBE and countless other individuals who have played a huge role in striving for a greener and cleaner world. 

We hope to highlight key areas that require addressing in the world and show where you can make a difference, small or big, to this environmental effort.

Behind Green Fridays

Green Fridays has been founded by two Irish people who, through experience, have noted what is going on in the world and want to try and make the world we live in a cleaner and greener place by providing a resource for individuals to discover how they can lead a more sustainable life. 
Christina & Charlie have both lived abroad, seeing how different cultures and countries deal with waste, single plastic usage and ways of living that vary in how sustainable they are.

Christina McCann

Christina’s interest in sustainability originated from one of her children’s school projects. She got involved with some local NGO’s initiatives in Connecticut where she was living. Surfriders Ct was a great organisation she got inspired by. They organise beach clean ups all over Connecticut helping to clean up some of the waste in the ocean and to raise public awareness about the plastic and waste issue in the seas. 
Back in Ireland, just as the global pandemic lockdown really changed people’s lives, Christina attended an intensive course with Cambridge University looking at Business Sustainability Management. She has since tried to articulate how anybody can take the small steps to be more sustainable. Not an easy task but that one can be helped with simple suggestions and simple language. 
Green Fridays is an endeavour to bring like-minded people into the fold of sustainability and a forum to share ideas. 
Christina is also on the Global Advisory Council for VentureWave Capital, who are working with Irish investors and members of the Diaspora seeking to back scalable companies that also deliver a significant benefit to Ireland. VentureWave promotes the principles of impact investing.

charlie .jpeg

Charlie Dardis

Charlie first started becoming conscious of the human environmental impact while in college. He thought he could rid the world of palm oil by stopping his friends from buying foods containing it while on a study break. Ambitious to say the least.

Since then Charlie worked in New York in 501(c)3 organisation Earth's Call while concurrently working with the CityKids Foundation
Charlie, like many who will read this, is actively and slowly making the switch to more sustainable life choices - we're all on this learning curve together.


Philip Mc Cann Supernode.jpeg

Philip Mc Cann

Philip sees energy as a key area for focus to solve the challenge of climate change.
Philip has a masters in Energy from Durham University and is Communications Officer at SuperNode Ltd. SuperNode is an Irish technology company developing new innovative cable technology to more effectively connect renewable energy to the electrical grid.


Aimee Rose Duffy

Aimee has always had a passion for cooking and baking. Aimee's interest in plant-based cooking has grown in recent years and she will be sharing some of her favourite vegetarian and vegan recipes with us; both from her own kitchen, as well as some easy to cook and tasty recipes from well known chefs.

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Naomi Mooney

Naomi is a LinkedIn Ghostwriter, content curator and networking strategist. She has extensive experience in all areas of the marketing mix, including web and graphic design. Naomi keeps the website up to date, newsletters in your inbox and ensures the smooth flow of information between all the people involved with Green Fridays; information delivered to you so we can be a guide on your journey to living a greener life. 

advisory council


Jack Egan

Jack Egan is the Chairman at Surfriders CT, he was born in Connecticut and grew up in California. Having always lived near to a beach growing up he considered the ocean as his backyard.

"The Surfrider Foundation's mission is to protect our oceans, waves and beaches for everyone. We have over 80 local chapters in the United States; my state of Connecticut has one chapter and we have about 120 members and I'm the volunteer Chair."


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