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Oxygen Cities


the problem?

By 2050, two out of every three people are likely to be living in cities, this equates to more than 2.5 billion people living in cities across the world, according to a United Nations Report.


By 2030, the world could have 43 so-called megacities (up from 31 today, according to reports) – those with more than 10 million inhabitants – most of them in developing countries.

Many countries will face challenges in meeting the needs of their growing urban populations, including for housing, transportation, energy systems and other infrastructure; as well as for employment and basic services such as education and health care.

Smart City Sweden

"Smart City Sweden is a state-funded platform for sustainable city solutions. At our regional offices and the headquarters in Stockholm, we welcome delegations from all over the world that are interested in investing in smart & sustainable city solutions from Sweden."

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

What Can We Do?



Investment in efficient, sustainable and reliable public transportion allows for less reliance on owned vehicles. 
This reduces congestion in cities, engine-idling & air pollution. 


The increase in people living in cities will mean a huge increase in CO2 levels in cities. By creating parks within cities it allows for CO2 to be absorbed by trees, cleaning the air - parks are the lungs of a city.
City Park
Green Buildings

green buildings

The introduction of policies favouring green building codes is a practice that will allow for greener cities to be achieved.

reduce water consumption

Safeguarding access to safe and sanitary water while reducing misuse, waste and loss of water reduces strain on existing water sources.
Glasses of Water

In The News

Ireland’s largest rooftop solar system installed in Dublin


The Farmer's Journal, Monday 21st December 2020 
"Ireland’s largest rooftop solar PV array with a capacity of 1.5 MW has been installed in north Co Dublin.
The system was installed on the rooftop of Sam Denningan and Company’s national distribution centre in Oldtown. The system, which required the installation of 4,420 solar PV panels and 45km of cabling, is now live and providing power to the site.On average, the system will generate enough renewable electricity per year to meet the requirements of 314 homes."

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