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Beware of greenwashing when you see innovations or companies announcing new innovations to their offerings.

"Greenwashing is the process of conveying a false impression or providing misleading information about how a company's products are more environmentally sound. Greenwashing is considered an unsubstantiated claim to deceive consumers into believing that a company's products are environmentally friendly."
- Investopedia

Global Opportunity Explorer

Science Museum Space Exploration

"The world’s largest collection of vetted and verified sustainable solutions.
You can either search for sustainable alternatives, browse what’s trending or learn what is happening in new markets. We also invite you to submit your own solutions to be vetted by our network of leading experts (it’s free).
If you are looking to be a leader within your field, we welcome you to apply to become a Partner of The Global Opportunity Explorer.
Finally, if you are a student we encourage you to sign up to become a volunteer with us. Contact us here to learn more of the opportunities."



"ChangeX connects people with proven ideas for strengthening communities with the resources needed to start them. ChangeX provides you with everything you need to improve your community, whatever your passion: Health, education, inclusion or the environment.
We believe that by bringing the best social innovations and the world’s changemakers together in a shared community we can accelerate the spread of innovations across the world and have a bigger impact. Together we aim to unleash the potential of changemakers by enabling collaboration, by sharing knowledge and resources, by connecting changemakers across different disciplines and innovations and by opening up access to the world’s best proven social innovations to everyone."

Notpla Tchnology


"Notpla is a revolutionary material made from seaweed and plants. It biodegrades in weeks, naturally.

Notpla is a sustainable packaging company based in London. We are a combination of designers and chemists, engineers and entrepreneurs, on a mission to make packaging disappear! Our team is located in a 10,000 sq ft facility in Hackney Wick. Our space includes offices, a production unit, wet labs, engineering & design workshops. Come visit us some time!"


Screenshot 2023-01-06 at 13.52.19.png

We are a compost company with extensive knowledge and experience of successful hot composting. We have collaborated with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency in composting projects in which several hundred households have participated, the Swedish University of Agriculture has carried out analyzes and cultivation trials on finished compost. Joraform is in constant development. It started with our rotating hot compost for the individual household. We have continued to develop the idea of ​​the rotating compost bin, which we were the first to bring to the market. Nowadays, we have solutions for composting food waste for up to several hundred households.

Sweden is building a road that recharges electric buses that drive over it


"To showcase the concept, the Smart Road Gotland consortium will be building an initial 1 mile stretch of road between the town of Visby and the airport on Gotland Island in Sweden. The road will be used to charge an electric truck and bus, using technology developed by the company Electreon, which will be carrying out construction. The majority of the $12.5 million project is funded by the Swedish government.
“The bus will be used for a shuttle for passengers traveling between the airport and town,” Noam Ilan, vice president of business development for Electreon, told Digital Trends. “It is exciting since it is the first time ever that a heavy truck will charge wirelessly from the road. Once we prove this works, it can bring the most elegant and cost-effective solution to the huge problem of emission from long-haul trucking.”

Smart City Sweden


"Smart City Sweden is a state-funded export platform that initiates cooperation between Sweden and other countries within smart & sustainable city solutions.
Smart City Sweden gathers best practice from Sweden within five areas: Climate, Energy & Environment, Mobility, Digitalisation, Urban planning and Social sustainability. We tailor our visit programs depending on the needs of the visitors."



"We empower people and organisations to save water and energy with smart and affordable water recycling products

We all need water. It’s a vital condition of life. But in a few years’ time, there won’t be enough water for the increasing world population. Our vision for the future? Use Water Twice.

Water recycling is the most efficient and affordable way to use less water. And the easiest way to recycle water is to clean it right where you use it – decentralised.

Hydraloop collects, cleans and re-uses the water from showers, baths, washing machines, hand-basins and air conditioning units. Hydraloop water is clean, clear, safe, and disinfected. It can be re-used for toilet flushing, washing machines, garden irrigation and topping up swimming pools."

Ralph Lauren Corporation Invests in Natural Fiber Upcycling


"Ralph Lauren Corporation has invested in a sustainable material science startup that developed a process for upcycling natural fibers such as cotton waste into performance materials. The fashion giant seeks to scale up this process, and create sustainable apparel from it.

The startup, Natural Fiber Welding, was founded in Peoria, Illinois, in 2015. Patented technology developed by their founder and CEO Luke Haverhals uses green chemistry principles and closed-loop processes to revitalize recycled fibers and engineer performance cotton textiles, according to the company. They achieve this through “precise manipulation of molecular bonding.”



"To lead the way to a sustainable world by producing high quality products from recycled textiles.

re:newcell’s textile recycling technology transforms a high cellulosic portion fabric into high quality recycled dissolving pulp, branded as Circulose(R).

The process does not require any environmentally harmful chemicals, and the re:newcell pulp can be fed into the commercial textile production chain. Commercially active in industrial scale since 2019. First product launched in retail in March 2020.

How Birds Eye's pea-growing farmers are leading an agri-eco ambition in the Humber hinterlands


"East Yorkshire consultancy unites frozen food giant, Yorkshire Water and others to tackle climate change, flooding and improve food crops

A landmark farm-based project that could help return atmospheric CO2 to pre-industrial levels has been launched in East Yorkshire. As well as having the potential to counter the effects of climate change, the Sustainable Landscapes Humber Project could also drastically reduce flooding and improve soil health. A collaboration between Birds Eye, Yorkshire Water and supply chain consultancy Future Food Solutions, research expertise is being provided by the University of Hull, with support from Teesside University.

At its core are more than 40 farmers from across East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, who grow peas for the frozen food giant, to be processed in Hull.

The project involves growing specific cover crops - described as pop-up rainforests - in the window between harvesting and sowing their next peas."

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