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Improving Water Quality In Our Oceans

As summer kicks in, many of us are looking forward to heading to our shores for swimming or coastal walks. So, we thought this would be a good time to think about the quality of the water in our seas and oceans. It is worth a thought that about 8 million metric tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans every year – that’s about a truckload every minute. It no surprise then that the quality of many coastal waters could be much improved! We thought it would be handy to have some great clean up organisations at your fingertips.


Joining a beach clean-up (or river clean-up) is a great way to make a difference to our much-loved coastal areas. See how to do a two minute beach clean-up:

And here are some great contacts and websites if you want to get involved in beach clean ups near you:

Many beaches are affected by poor management of sewage treatment facilities. There are lots of organisations doing fantastic work to improve local water quality, for example, working on improving sewage treatment and monitoring.


We love the work citizens campaign for the environment are doing on water quality on the East Coast of America

In Dublin, Ireland’s SOS Dublin bay group are doing amazing work on advocating for improvements on water quality monitoring and treatments.

We would love to hear about initiatives happening near you that we can share - contact us at

Thank you for being involved in making positive actions for a greener environment. GreenFridays4Future


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