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How is everybody's No Mow May going? We'd love to hear from you! Send any pictures you may have to us, we'd love to see them! Email us at

May brings the introduction of summer to Ireland, and much of the world. Do your part this May by pledging your garden to #NoMowMay

Help pollinators in your area by taking part in #NoMowMay. Allow clover and other important bee-friendly wildflowers to bloom by ditching the lawn mower for the month of May.

We all love the smell of freshly cut grass, but to a pollinator this is a smell that is less than exciting. By letting our gardens grow into a meadow like state, it allows for a range of native wildflowers to grow. This provides precious feed throughout the life cycle of our wild bees and other insects.

Bees are so important for our planet as they are integral in pollinating the food we need to survive and pollinating many of the trees and flowers that provide habitats for wildlife. Essentially, with the demise of bees and other pollinators, we can wave goodbye to the planet that we call home.

By committing to #NoMowMay you allow for the habitat of pollinators to be maintained and ensure they don't die, therefore playing a part in the longevity of our Earth and our natural world.

It's also pretty to look at wildflowers grow in your garden!

If your back arches at the though of letting your entire lawn grow wild, commit a portion of your lawn at the very least, and make it look like you planned it that way if your nosey neighbour raises an eyebrow!

Explore more on Biodiversity HERE.

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