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AIB raises €1bn in first Irish bank green bond sale

Photograph: iStock

The Irish Times, Wed Sept 23rd 2020 

"AIB on Wednesday became the first Irish bank to venture into the burgeoning green bonds market, raising €1 billion of capital to support lending towards renewable energy projects and green buildings.

While the focus among banks and companies active in the green bonds area has been on raising senior debt for direct funding of green projects, AIB is the second European bank issue a form of subordinated, or junior, debt instrument, called Tier 2 capital. In July, Dutch lender De Volksbank sold €500 million of subordinated Tier 2 green bonds.

The new AIB bonds, which are due to mature in 10½ years, will be ringfenced capital reserves to underpin the bank’s existing €1.7 billion green loan portfolio, which comprises green commercial buildings and renewable energy projects in Ireland and Britain."

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