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Webinar: Fashion4Future

The rise of “fast fashion” has changed the way we buy and wear clothes, but at what cost?


Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world producing billions of tonnes of waste each year, and that’s before we look at energy consumption and employment conditions. It’s time to question why that t-shirt only cost €5; consider where it came from; and become aware of the print it’s going to leave on our planet.


In this talk, Taz and Geraldine broke-down the negative environmental effects of the fast fashion industry, along with screening insightful, short videos and ultimately teach you how to engage in sustainable fashion in a positive, economical way with the help of simple solutions.

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The Useless Project (formerly Sustainable Fashion Dublin) was started by Geraldine Carton and Taz Kelleher in November 2018. Powered by energy, enthusiasm and positivity, the aim of this collective has always been to bring like-minded individuals together and highlight the positive, accessible and pragmatic side to living a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Starting-off largely events-based, The Useless Project has expanded beyond the realms of swap shops and flea markets (although these continue!), merging into education, advocacy, awareness-raising and online content generation, amongst other activities.


We’re not calling for a small amount of people to be perfectly zero-waste or “100% sustainable”. What we want to see is a huge amount of people making incremental positive changes in whatever way they can.

So if you’re someone who feels useless – just start small. 

Keep it simple. Just use less. 

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