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Blog: Top Tips For Cleaning this Spring

Top Tips For Cleaning this Spring

Spring is almost upon us. The days are getting longer, the birds are singing their sweet song of the season and you can just feel that frosty winter bite mellow and the fresh feel of the February air brings brightness and joy, as we welcome in the new season.

For many of us, we are thinking about cleaning and freshening up our homes and gardens, preparing ourselves for swinging open the windows and doors to let in the fresh spring air. You might be thinking about how to be more sustainable in your approach to cleaning.. There are lots of simple and easy ways you can switch things up in your home and be more eco-conscious in your home.

This week we are focusing on Laundry!

There is nothing like the feeling of freshly washed bed linen, the towels fluffy and clean, folded freshly washed clothes and that feeling when the washing is done and put away.

How about switching out your washing detergents and fabric softeners from big name brands that are often full of environmentally unkind ingredients to simple and super effective earthly-friendly cleaning products that work even better, leave no nasties on your clothes and in fact, will help your clothes last longer overall? Most supermarket detergents and softeners are full of strong chemicals that you are putting in your wash and which can do untold damage to your health and the environment.

Did you also know that many household products contain animal derived ingredients disguised in chemicals? Making your clothes soft and fresh is not always an animal-free experience! Almost all softeners contain Tallow dimethyl ammonium chloride, which is a complicated way of saying ammonia mixed with the rendered fat of cows, sheep and horses.

Build-up in our machines is evident of a build up of the product we use, combined with mold and bacteria derived from the animal fat. By using clean traditional products your machine will stay clean and fresh for longer and not transport nasty chemicals into our drains, rivers and oceans. Not to mention the amount of plastic waste these big companies contribute to globally.

Keep it simple.(and clean!!)

Let’s go back to basics. Soda crystals and washing soap work wonders. You can use bicarbonate of soda or hydrogen peroxide 3% for stains. Vinegar can help with stinky items.

There is so much research and information out there for us all to access. Big brand marketing encourages us to step into a store and buy based on colour and fragrance, but all we need is ‘simple’ for clean!

Using traditional “simple” cleaners can:

  • Soften hard water

  • Prevent limescale (which lowers electric bills)

  • Result in less plastic waste

  • Remove grease and stains

  • Reduce the air pollutants in your home

No fragrance? No problem! Add a drop of essential oils to your wash and enjoy the fresh scents you love without the toxins attached!

Harsh chemical ingredients have a major impact on human health and the environment. Small changes like this can make a big difference, to the environment, to your machine, to your fabrics and to your health!

Ready to make the swap? Here are a few brands we love!

You can buy direct from the companies below but many of them stock in Zero Waste Stores so make sure you check your local ZW store and ask for advice on whats best for your home and laundry!

Irish Brand Lillys Eco Clean - we have been using this for a while now at home

Instagram - @lillysecoclean

DriPak - an original home cleaning product company that produce a range of household cleaning and laundry products, that your grandmother used to use! We buy ours in Mr Price in Ireland but you can also buy their products online on their website.

Instagram - @traditionalcleaning

Ecover - Laundry Dish Hand Household and refills with plant based, consciously chosen ingredients in recycled bottles.

Instagram - @ecover_uk

Blueland - for an easier way to go plastic free

There are so many great resources out there but we would love Michelle Gundehin’s article on cleaning ‘ My Clean Green Epiphany

Another good book to read -> Nancy Birtwhistle “Clean & Green” 10 hints and tips for a more eco friendly home”

Instagram - @nancy.birtwhistle

Happy Cleaning!!

The Green Fridays 4 Future Team

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